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Carla Lane, August 1957 - May 2016, Was a patron of KAALE.

This is a tribute to Carla Lane our Patron for many years who sadly died in May 2016.
She will be missed greatly by us and all the animals she cared so much about.

Carla Lane with her Parrot
Carla was born on 5th August 1937 and is an English television writer responsible for many successful comedy television series including ‘The Liver Birds’ (1969–78), ‘Butterflies’ (1978–82) and ‘Bread’ (1986–91).

Carla is also very well known for her animal welfare / animal rights activism and, until 2009, ran an animal sanctuary called ‘Animaline’, in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, England.

The animal sanctuary which was founded by Carla in 1987 still operates today. The sanctuary has until recently been located in the grounds of Broadhurst Manor near Haywards Heath, treating all manner of birds and animals.

In December 2009 Carla moved from this, her home in Horsted Keynes, where the sanctuary was located. Animaline is now operating from a temporary base until suitable permanent premises are found. This takes both time and money as you will appreciate.

The Animaline Ethos
Animaline believes that no animal should be put to sleep unless the quality of its life is deemed unacceptable due to the nature of its illness or injury.Someday I'll find me

Links to Carla Lane and Animaline websites:

Carla has written her autobiography called ‘SOMEDAY I'LL FIND ME’.

Carla was awarded an OBE in 1989, but returned it in protest at the CBE awarded to the managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a contract live animal testing laboratory.


In the 1960s she wrote short stories and radio scripts.  Her first successes came in collaboration with Myra Taylor, whom she had met at a writers' workshop in Liverpool, before she embarked on a solo career. Carla and Myra would often meet at the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool to write.

Television series

  • 1969–78, 96 The Liver Birds (with Myra Taylor and others)
  • 1971–76 Bless This House (with Myra Taylor and others)
  • 1974 No Strings
  • 1975 Going, Going, Gone... Free?
  • 1977 Three Piece Suite
  • 1978–83, 2000 Butterflies
  • 1981–83 The Last Song
  • 1981–82 Solo
  • 1984–85 Leaving
  • 1985–87 The Mistress
  • 1985 I Woke Up One Morning
  • 1986–91 Bread
  • 1992 Screaming
  • 1993–94 Luv
  • 1995 Searching

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